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Good internships provide a pathway to full-time employment after graduation.

But it can be hard to find what internships are out there.Campus Tulsa makes it incredibly easy for you to discover paid internship opportunities and to connect with other interns in creating a professional network that can allow you to discover your future full-time role.

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We've compiled a comprehensive list of paid internship opportunities in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area  to make your search simple.


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Internship Success Stories

Portrait of Thao

“I enjoyed engaging with different stakeholders and partners in the City of Tulsa. I appreciated getting diverse perspectives about the city's innovation ecosystem.”

Thao Le

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Portrait of Joseph

"I appreciate being able to develop myself professionally and grow in my marketing career through my internship in Tulsa."

Joseph Onema

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Portrait of Sara

"I appreciate being able to develop myself professionally and grow in my marketing career through my internship in Tulsa."

Sara Allen

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Do I need to be a US resident or hold a US work authorization to be eligible for the internships?

If you are interested in the answer to this question and more information, please open the following document.

What are the internship seasons, and when do the application periods start?

  • Internship applications typically open up for our larger local corporations (ONEOK, BOK, Williams, OneGas, etc) around September 1st, and they have a fast recruitment window with offers typically extended to students as early as October 15th, while some offers could be extended through December. 
  • Internship applications for smaller companies and local non-profit organizations start to open and begin their recruitment during the second semester of the school year. Applications may open in January and close around the time of spring break in March. 

Are the internships paid?

Yes! In fact, all the internships you can find on the Campus Tulsa Internship Board are paid. We believe that paid internships create valuable work experiences that can translate into a full-time job opportunity.

Why are there “Remote” internships on the Internship Board?

Remote internships that can be based out of Tulsa are great opportunities for students. Tulsa is a hub for remote workers thanks to Tulsa Remote. We encourage students who want to experience a remote internship to experience it here in Tulsa, where the resources for remote work are available. 

Approximately how much does it cost to live in the Campus Tulsa on-campus housing option? What is included and what is not?

For the summer for 2024, the cost for Campus Tulsa Housing is $2,213.50. This includes a single-occupancy room in Hardesty Hall at The University of Tulsa.
That cost includes a microwave, refrigerator, Student ID, and Parking Permit.
Total nights: 69-night maximum (depending on when your start and end date are)Cost per day: $31.50
Costs students will cover: ID and Parking Permit = $40 ($15 for ID and $25 for the parking permit)
Campus Tulsa will cover: Fitness Center Pass (available upon request)

Earliest Move-In date: Sunday, May 19th, 2024
Latest Move-Out Date: Saturday, July 27, 2024

Our goal is to make Campus Tulsa Summer Housing as affordable as possible. We have implemented a cost-sharing model to help ease the burden of these expenses during your internship. Your employer could cover your housing costs. If they are not, then Campus Tulsa will have a team to assist you based on your financial need.

What happens when I communicate on the “Hey, I’ve applied!” form?

Yes! When you fill out our “I’ve Applied” form, we email the employer weekly, letting them know that Campus Tulsa has connected them with great candidates for their open internships. Think of us as another nudge to employers that your application is ready to review. It is important to note that our email to the employer does not endorse your qualifications for the role.