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We help companies:

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Successfully onboard interns and create great student experiences

Successful internship programs save time and resources in entry-level hiring processes.

We help companies design intentional, productive, and successful internship roles and programs using our Internship in a Box resource.

Tulsa Employer Spotlights

Randy Orr

Sr. Manager at Verizon

“Verizon believes that internship programs are a good opportunity for students to gain professional experience. All of the projects that interns work on are real situations.  As such, the interns' work lives on with our existing employees when the interns return to school.  In addition, the internship programs are a pipeline of talent to bring into the company as we continually refresh our talent.”

Ginger Kollmann

Executive Director, JP Morgan Private Bank

“We believe employees are our most valuable asset, and if you want to attract the best talent, you have to start early.  We also are passionate about helping educate tomorrow’s future leaders.  Interns at J.P. Morgan are actually called “Summer Analysts” and they function very similarly to a full-time analyst.  They support our Private Bank team with analytical tasks, prospecting, and special projects.  They also participate in several training opportunities over the summer.”

Jessica Crews

Manager Employee Development at Williams

“Our interns are our largest candidate pool for hiring into the professional development program It is really important to us that we provide meaningful work for our interns, so we’re mindful to align our intern headcount with value-add opportunities across the organization. Over the past few years, we had averaged about 30 – 50 interns each summer.”

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Leverage our intentional approach to sourcing diverse intern candidates. 

In today’s climate, more and more companies recognize the importance of inclusive teams, and internship programs can be a powerful engine for creating more diversity within your team now and in the future as interns transition to full-time hires. 

However, companies often struggle to source diverse candidates using their traditional hiring methods and inroads.

Campus Tulsa intentionally partners with diverse student groups, institutions, and associations to create an inclusive internship search experience, especially among first generation and students of color. 

Campus Tulsa works to strategically increase internship awareness among historically underserved student groups. We want to connect you to the next generation of talent!

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Access Campus Tulsa resources on behalf of your interns.

Companies need to support students as they transition into their internship role and a (potentially) new city. This support can be a stress on teams and company resources, and can also vary greatly depending upon the student’s situation. Campus Tulsa is here to help companies ensure that students have smooth transitions and soft landings. 

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