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Work on student-driven teams and make an actual difference in our city this summer.

Tackle real-world problems, put solutions to the test, and set a course for your future.

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About Impact Academy

Internships make one of the biggest differences for college students. They improve your employability, lead to more offers, and help you discover interests. 

Conceived as the ultimate internship experience, Impact Academy sets you on a mission to make a big difference for yourself and Tulsa by working in teams to find and solve worthwhile problems in the Tulsa community.

During this paid (yes, paid!) 9-week program, you’ll work closely with talented mentors and a project team of students just like you. We have spots for up to 25 incoming college juniors and seniors.

‍Participants in the Impact Academy will confront local, real-world problems, research options, and design solutions.

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How it works

Meeting every weekday for 9 weeks, programming will include:

  1. Full cohort learning seminars, panels, and workshops with local leaders
  2. Project problem-solving sessions with focus area mentors
  3. Group and individual project research sessions meeting and interviewing local stakeholders and organizations
  4. Group and individual work sessions
  5. Project presentations
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Impact Academy 2022 is launching soon. Here are the details:

March 21st, 2022- APPLICATIONS DUE
June 6th - Aug 5th, 2022 - ACADEMY DATES
April 6th, 2022 Interview Selection Notification
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Who it's for:

College students looking for their first professional experience, especially rising freshmen and sophomores
Open to and relevant for all majors/minors
Students interested in tackling social problems with innovative solutions
People with a passion for Tulsa and making a difference

What's in it for you

Meet and learn from leaders in civic, philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and social service organizations.

Experience a problem-solving curriculum — great prep for any future career field.

Connect with numerous organizations with the potential for subsequent internship or employment opportunities.

Complete a project case study worthy of listing on your resume and discussing in job interviews.

Create friendships with other local college students, setting the foundation for strong social circles following graduation.

Experience Tulsa in a completely new way, opening your eyes to the city’s potential and gaining perspective into its future trajectory.

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Apply to the Impact Academy by March 21, 2022 to be considered for our Summer 2022 cohort. The application is simple, fun, and should take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

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