An internship should be much more than just a (great) job.

Tulsa is full of things to do, and we’re committed to making your experience incredible.

Campus Tulsa Events

Campus Tulsa offers a calendar of evening and weekend events specially curated for interns. The events are designed to fit with daytime internship schedules and are available to any student with an internship in Tulsa. You’ll learn professional skills from leaders and influencers in Tulsa who will be taking the time to impart their practical wisdom in intimate settings. In addition, you’ll develop leadership skills and engage in networking activities that will help you decide which doors you want to open for your next step in life.

Fall 2021 events: Come back here to learn about the exciting things coming soon.

University of Oklahoma President's Community Scholar's Tulsa Immersion Experience

Coming soon!
view details

University of Oklahoma Henderson Scholar's Tulsa Immersion Experience

October 23, 2021
Coming soon!
view details

Langston University Tulsa Immersion Experience

November 5, 2021
Coming soon!
view details

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Upcoming Tulsa Events

Explore Tulsa this summer with these events, curated by Root.

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